An accesspoint for SMS by all GSM-operators

SMShotel is an outsourcing of functions for connection to the GSM-world, in order to both send and receive SMS (Short Message Service) textmessages to and from the company.

With an unique solution we can manage both to transmit and receive SMS from almost the whole worlds GMS-operators with only one accesspoint to the company.

SMShotel is a service for companies that want to use SMS for mobile data. The company gets access by SMShotel to the markets most flexible solution in order to connect themselves to the GSM-world and thereby they don’t have to invest and maintain a SMS-system of their own.

The services can for example signify sending out e-mail-notifications directly from the own e-mailsystem, transmitting ordinary SMS to cellphones or receiving SMS from mobile personnel. The received information is placed in a database that generates an answer back.

Our maintenance service include 24 hours supervision of both hard- and software and we are always upgraded with the latest technique in order to offer fast, safe and problemfree SMS-communication. The SMShotel-system, just as well as the GSM-net we are connected to, are both year 2000- and quality-safe.

SMS has under the last year become more and more used as a carrier of mobile data. Companies that values accessibility, simplicity, reliability in maintenance security and low costs in maintenance service put their trust in SMS.

SMS Nordic AB not only solves the connection towards the GSM-world but also gives consultative help to companies that wants to analyze mobile data and develop software to handheld computers that support the companies internal systems and applications.

SMShotels product package

  • SMStele-mail, e-mail-notification and transmission of own written e-mail to cellphone.

  • SMSftp, transmission and reception of SMS through FTP-connection towards SMShotel

  • SMSvpn, transmission and reception of SMS through VPN-connection towards SMShotel.

File Transfer Protocol

Virtual Private Network

Additional services
For the companies that wants to transmit information that hasn’t been worked up to fit transmitted fileformats, the SMShotel can adjust the information and transmit it according to the companies requests. We have commissions for many companies that only delivers the raw datafile which we then work up according to the companies specification. In some cases we even receive the SMS-information and store it in the databaseformat the customer wishes.

E-mail-notification from e-mail that comes in doesn’t require investment or administration of the own e-mail-system in the company. A unique domain is put up in the SMShotel to which e-mail is forwarded to after the users whishes. Even e-mail that automatically is generated from applications, for example network administrations solutions, can be forwarded directly to a cellphone. The own e-mail-client can also be used to send ordinary SMS. SMStele-mail supports all occurring e-mail-client and e-mail-systems.

The FTP-service offers a FTP-interface to transmit over or receive a textfile containing one or several SMS-messages.

The VPN-service offers the company to have constant contact with the SMS-domain in the SMS-hotel. A constant connection gives functions in real time, for both transmission and reception of SMS-messages that speeds up both reading in the income SMS as well as the transmission. Otherwise the functions is comparable with the FTP-connection.

SMShotel is merely for companies with closed usergroups. Transmissions of SMS can be done to any GSM-recipient in the world. Received SMS can only come from the cellphones that the company has placed in an access-list.

Maintenance security
The SMS-hotel is placed in a very maintenance secured environment with 24 hour support of UPS-backup and Internetconnection directly towards "backbone". Towards the GSM-world we connect by X.25, also with a 24 hour supervision. The whole SMS-system is duplicated to minimize maintenance stop.

Connection to SMShotel

For e-mail-notification there is no special connection needed to the SMShotel. For the companies that wants to connect to e-mail-notification, a domain of their own is placed in the SMShotel’s e-mail-gateway, to which all e-mail is transmitted or redirected like an ordinary e-mail by Internet.

For transmission and reception of SMS-messages with FTP, SMShotel is connected by ordinary FTP-client software over Internet. The company receives a username, a password and a catalogue of their own on SMShotel in which the file, that is going to be transmitted or fetched from at the in-reading, is placed.

VPN-(Virtual Private Network)connection
For transmission and reception of SMS-messages with VPN, SMShotel is connected by ordinary VPN-client-software over Internet. The company receives a domain of their own at the SMS Router towards which the companies own application writes the SMS-messages that are going to be transmitted or get the SMS that have come in. The VPN-connection gives a transmission in real time.


For connection to SMSmail there is a permanent connection fee and a monthly cost. The cost per transmitted SMS-message will be added to the price. Prices according to the pricelist.

FTP-subscriptions is available for two levels

Only for transmission
Interactive, transmission and reception.
Permanent connection fee, monthly cost and cost per transmitted SMS will be added to the price.

VPN-subscriptions includes all the ways of VPN-communication. Transmission, reception, separately or simultaneously (interactive).

Permanent connection fee, monthly cost and cost per transmitted SMS will be added to the price.